Commercial and Industrial Fencing & Gates

Security Fencing

When you need security fencing and gates  we have full range of security fences for you, including steel panel fences with spike tops, chain link fencing, folded-top panels, and EuroMesh. All kinds of fence and gate options to protect your property and restrict access to authorised people only.

  • Standard chain link with or without barb/razor wire
  • EuroMesh
  • Modern designer styles (Spare Panel) for commercial premises
  • Security gates- swinging or sliding
  • Automation and access management

Subdivision & Perimeter Fencing

Established as Canterbury’s leading Perimeter and Subdivision fencing provider, Blackadder Fencing will install a stylish high quality powder coated Panel Fence, (aluminium or steel) that will add value to your property while protecting the residents.

  • Large scale subdivision fencing specialist working with New Zealand’s leading developers. (physically view our work at Farringdon, Stonebrook, Wigram Sky’s, and Preston Downs)
  • Panel Fencing
  • Premium Solid-Panel fencing 
  • ColourPanel is the no fuss modular alternative to high maintenance wood fencing
  • Swing and sliding gates to match or enhance your fence selection
  • Gate automation and access-management systems for a more convenient and safer fencing package

School Fencing & Gates

Blackadder Fencing is an approved fencing installation contractor for the Ministry of Education. We can work directly with the Ministry of Education, School Support, or directly with your school.

Our professionalism and expertise in Special Needs fencing installation has made us the fencing contractor of choice for many Canterbury Schools.

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Special-needs fencing
  • Gates: swinging or sliding

 We will work with your school to design a custom gate package that specifically meets your needs.

Specialising in security fencing we work with closely with our clients to provide cost effective, longer lasting fencing solutions that will safeguard your building and equipment while adding value to your property. Blackadder Fencing can design and build traditional chain-link security fences as well as more decorative high security panel-fencing.

A quick drive through any of the new commercial and industrial developments in Christchurch will illustrate how many of our clients have opted for a combination of chain-link around the sides and rear of their facilities with more decorative panel fencing across the road frontage.